Our Experiences in asia

The cool breeze against your face as you sail up to the Taj Palace on your private long boat. The passion in your husband's face as he listens intently to a local, Cambodian artist, hearing his dream of conserving the country's rich artistic traditions. The scent of sandalwood as you feel the firm palms of your masseuse around your shoulders on your suite balcony in Agra.   

We are experts in Asian travel. Whether you are interested in exploring Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, and India, we will curate the perfect experience for you and your family members.

Below are a few examples of our Asian experiences, but arrange a callback with one of Niquesa Travel Team members, who will recommend something bespoke for you.    

Spa. Pray. Love.

Wake up to views of the legendary Taj Mahal from your suite as you enjoy a spiritual journey of meditation and yoga classes with your own personal Guru. Explore Delhi, Agra, Udaipur & The Himalayas as you find your ultimate path to enlightenment.
Location - India
Duration - 12 Days/10 Nights

Culture and Conservation in Cambodia

Let Cambodia cast its enchanting spell on you as you experience its spiritual and cultural wonders. Explore Angkor with your own private architect, become immersed with a local marine conservation project in Song Saa, and relish in the supine pace of life
Location - Cambodia
Duration - 11 Days/10 Nights

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