Diaries of Cuba


Insider access, performance vehicles and a group of friends are the key ingredients in this high-octane trip from Miami to Havana. 



 Drive a supercar or ride a Harley-Davidson to Key West 
• Meet the son of Che Guevara
• Spar with a Cuban former Olympic boxing champion 
• Meet Cuba’s cultural movers and shakers at privately hosted dinner parties
Appreciate a private audience with one of Cuba’s lead jazz trumpeters
• Sip cocktails with the British Ambassador at his Havana residence 

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences.

You will begin by living it up in Miami with a local host who will open doors to the hottest clubs and restaurants in town. Jump aboard a Mangusta and explore Miami’s waterways at sunset, bar hopping along the way. Then take a skater boat south towards the Keys, stopping for lunch at Marathon Key, before jumping on a Harley-Davidson or a supercar of your choice to cruise into the tropical idyll of Key West. 

For the Cuban leg of your adventure choose to ride Harleys with Che Guevara’s son Ernesto or be driven in a Cadillac along the coast. Meet Cuba’s creative elite at privately hosted dinner parties, sip cocktails with the British Ambassador at his Havana residence, learn the art of making the finest Cuban Habana cigars, and even spar with a former Olympic boxing champion. In between we’ve included entry to the most talked-about clubs and bars, tables at the best restaurants, and plenty of opportunities to chat over a fine Montecristo. 

When you need a break from the ordinary, this trip will infuse you with a high dose of adrenalin and culture that is almost impossible to match.