Lost & Found


This is the ultimate journey into the unknown, precision-engineered with expedition leader Dr. Raj Joshi.



  • Spend a week in the wilderness

  • Follow our instructions and chart a path through an undisclosed location

  • Precision-engineered in collaboration with Dr Raj Joshi, expedition leader and guide to the stars

  • Learn to find your authentic self regardless of achievements, status and relationships

  • Develop compassionate leadership and see positive transformation in your life

  • Easy on the body but designed to profoundly challenge your belief system

  • Time before and afterwards for preparation and decompression


This trip can be customised to your personal preferencesGet in touch to create your own Lost & Found adventure.

lost & found camping


First you will be lost. Then you will be found. This is a journey like no other, where if you can find the courage to trust us, we’ll give you the most rewarding trip of your life.

lost & found smallWe often forget that not taking a risk in life is perhaps the greatest risk of all. This is a journey into the unknown, a journey into both a physical landscape and the landscape of your mind. Intricately choreographed to deliver profound and lasting change, this journey is about finding your bearings in every sense. You are the adventure.





lost & foundThe concept is in essence extremely simple. You will travel with your guide by helicopter to a remote and undivulged wilderness location. As you both leave the helicopter, your guide will place a box on the ground before climbing back in. Watching it disappear into the sky, the realisation will dawn that you are now alone and lost. Inside the box are a set of instructions and all the essentials you need to survive. Over the course of the next week, you will be asked simply to complete the journey, with Raj helping at various points along the way. This is no common journey.


lost & foundThe experience increases your levels of personal responsibility. It allows time for you to reflect on life as well as a new learning experience. The journey incorporates elements strongly bound to transformational change and a holistic approach involving the physical, psychological and spiritual. 





lost & found small