Sensory Reawakening


Replenish the body and mind, feeding the soul with the heady flavours of India. 



• Begin your journey before you travel, with a one-to-one consultation with Sarah Macklin, a  leading nutritionist
• Learn to travel better with Sarah’s expert guidance to enhance your physical and mental well-being and improve your lifestyle
• Spend time volunteering with an NGO to help distribute healthy and hygienic meals to the underprivileged
• Afternoon tea with a Maharaja
• Specially curated yoga experience on the rooftop of a traditional haveli


This spectacular Indian odyssey will take you to some of the most majestic and inspiring places in the East and replenish your body and mind. Feed your soul with exotic sights and mind-expanding moments, and your body with the heady flavours of India. This wellness-inspired holiday focuses on nutrition, meditation and yoga.

Prior to your trip you will meet with renowned nutritionist Sarah Macklin at her Harley Street clinic. She will make recommendations and offer tips on how to live well, eat well and travel better. You will then have a series of follow-up consultations during your time away, either by telephone, or face-to-face if you would like her to accompany you.

But we also believe in the other side of wellness, where the thrill of new experiences enriches and rejuvenates; where you dress up in evening wear and drink cocktails on an antique imperial barge; or sit down for an indulgent afternoon tea with a Maharaja in his palace. Journey through Rajasthan and its royal cities, watch the sunrise over the Taj Mahal, and watch it set during an evening yoga class on a rooftop. Stay in a five-star island palace in the middle of a lake, and see how the locals live as you wander the stunning cobalt streets of Jodhpur’s old town. We will seek out the tranquil spots in the midst of the busiest cities, and ensure that you are feeling so calm and refreshed, that even India’s famous bustle  will leave you thriving.