Our Niquesa Story


“I was born curious; interested in my surroundings and wanting to explore the world around me.

Luckily I enjoyed a privileged childhood, and was fortunate, from an early age, to visit many places, and meet many new people, which fuelled my desire to learn more about other countries and cultures. I felt myself constantly inspired by what I discovered during my travels, and it made me want to discover even more.

This learning and discovery has continued throughout my life, and I am now getting a chance to share my findings and recommendations with others, through Niquesa Travel.     

I have grown to believe that life is a book and that as the writer and narrator of your own story, you should constantly strive to fill the pages with experiences, passions, friendships, and journeys.

I believe the journey of a Niquesa traveller, should be intriguing, unexpected, breath-taking, gratifying, and original. I also believe that a journey doesn’t end at the airport, and the feelings, the emotions, and the memories, should last a lifetime.

Through Niquesa Travel, we offer experiences in places which we know well and have great connections with. We will introduce you to your personal astronomer guide in The Maldives, recommend a spiritual guru for your journey through India, and teach your teenager to film wildlife in Kenya. Even if you are visiting a city that you are personally unfamiliar with, you will never feel like a stranger, and will always have a friendly Niquesa acquaintance to make you feel at home.

Along with my colleagues in the Travel Team, I look forward to helping you fill the pages of your own travel chapter.”


Luigi de Simone Niquesa 

Founder & CEO