Personal Assistant


As a Niquesa member, you will be able to access our expertise and insider knowledge as well as benefiting from your own unique Niquesa Personal Assistant. Your Assistant will assist in maximising your free time by helping to arrange your travel requirements, the purchase of luxury products and personalised holidays for yourself, your family and friends.

Any trip you book with us will entitle you to 24/7 support by a Personal Assistant for the duration of your trip and you will be given a direct line number prior to departure.

You will also have instant access to our unique selection of experiential holidays and short breaks and significantly reduced rates and VIP status at luxury hotels and resorts around the world. We can also provide competitive rates for luxury supercars, yacht charter and private jets in many destinations around the world.

To register or to enquire about an experiential holiday one of our PAs will call you at your preferred time. 



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